What is the Origin of Pima Cotton?

Gossypium Barbadense – Pima Cotton, is the finest and most appreciated type of cotton in the world. The silky luster and extreme softness result from the ideal growing conditions in the northern coastal valleys of Peru, where it is cultivated. There, the rich soil soaks up just the right amount of moisture at a near perfect equatorial temperature.

Where can I find Lima & Limon?

We are new to the US market. We are currently working on selecting sales representatives and stores to carry our collections. Currently, we offer a limited selection of items in our etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/limalimonbabyshop, which we are using as a channel for customers to try our product and leave us feedback. We will keep you posted!

What makes Lima & Limon clothes so special?

All of Lima & Limon’s items are made with pima cotton. The harvesting of peruvian pima cotton is done by hand, which results in a brilliant white shade which takes beautifully to dyes. Products made with Pima cotton can last as much as 50% longer than products made from other forms of cotton. These characteristics of extraordinary fineness and smoothness, when in contact with the baby’s skin, produce unique sensations of comfort and warmth.

How and where is Lima & Limon produced?

Lima & Limon’s products are designed in the United States and made in Peru. We carefully select the factories that produce our clothes, based on quality certifications such as BASC and Fair Trade regulations. Be assured that for every purchase that you make, you are helping to create stable and safe employment opportunities for peruvian workers who sustain their families with their work. Lima & Limon is a socially responsible company that wants to continually contribute to society by ensuring worker’s well being and by being environmentally friendly.

How should I care for my Lima & Limon clothing?

Lima & Limon garments are made to last in time. To make them last longer, we recommend you machine wash them in cold water on gentle cycle – no bleach. And tumble dry on low.

I have a retail store. How can I contact you about carrying Lima & Limon in my store?

Thank you for your interest in Lima & Limon. Please email us at [email protected] with your store name and location.

How can I keep up with the latest collections?

The first collection we will be placing in stores is the Spring 2017 collection, before it hits stores we will upload the catalogue on our site, please sign in to our newsletter if you would like us to keep you posted. We are also very active on social media so please follow us @limalimonbaby, where you will be able to see the newest deliveries posted by our stores and must-have looks for the season.

Is Lima & Limon in compliance with CPSIA Standards?

Please refer to the CPSIA Standards in the following link: CPSIA Standards

Where can I figure out my baby’s Lima & Limon Size?

Please refer to the size chart in the following link: Size chart

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